CONS-IEDU 2022-09-09T11:33:31+00:00 Nurodin Open Journal Systems <h2><em>CONS-IEDU </em></h2> <table width="100%" bgcolor="#f0f0f0"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="20%">Journal Title</td> <td width="60%"><strong>CONS-IEDU: Journal of Islamic Guidance and Counseling<br /></strong></td> <td rowspan="9" valign="top" width="20%"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">Initials</td> <td width="60%"><strong>Cons-Iedu</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">Abbreviation</td> <td width="60%"><em><strong>Cons-Iedu J. Islam. Guid. &amp; Couns.</strong></em></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">Frequency</td> <td width="60%"><strong>2 issues per year (Juni and December)</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">p-ISSN</td> <td width="60%"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>2798-5040</strong></a></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">e-ISSN</td> <td width="60%"><strong><a class="font-weight-bold" href="">2798-3218</a></strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">Editor-in-chief</td> <td width="60%"><strong>Niam Rohmatullah<br /></strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">Publisher</td> <td width="60%"><strong>Islamic Guidance and Counseling Study Program, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, Institut Ummul Quro Al-ISlami Bogor - Indonesia<br /></strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="20%">Citation Analysis</td> <td width="60%"><strong><a href=";view_op=list_works&amp;gmla=AJsN-F4OTxUwr8CRgrCZUmwRa0ETOSMiv3pXKOh7JMdJUVz1DtecyW3ZU8FJu_K-kUvDfl7G7xdkwhbo-jtH3xIfJZjfdzXAGQEZejxK3UljZpxJgG2IurE&amp;user=Liko0E8AAAAJ" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Google Scholar</a> | <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">MORAREF</a> | <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">GARUDA</a></strong></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p><strong>CONS-IEDU</strong> is a scientific journal published by the Islamic Guidance and Counseling Study Program, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training at the Ummul Quro Al-Islami Institute, Bogor since 2021. This journal publishes scientific research results in developing concepts and theories related to the study of Guidance and Counseling Islam includes Islamic education counseling guidance, Islamic mental counseling guidance, Islamic career counseling guidance, Sakinah family counseling guidance, post-disaster counseling guidance, Islamic Spiritual counseling guidance; Islamic counseling: social-religious counseling, counseling on drug control, family planning counseling, adolescent counseling; BKI media: Islamic e-counseling; Islamic training, and Islamic motivation. Manuscripts that enter the journal editor before publication will pass an assessment through a double blind review, meaning that neither the author nor the reviewer know each other.</p> <p> </p> EFEKTIVITAS LAYANAN BIMBINGAN MUHADHARAH UNTUK MENINGKATKAN KEPERCAYAAN DIRI ANGGOTA KARANG TARUNA 2022-09-09T10:12:21+00:00 Rofiq Husnul Ma’afi <p><em>This research is motivated by the problems experienced by adolescents regarding their low self-esteem. As experienced by members of the Jaga Youth Organization, Karsa Desan Joresan. Thus, the researcher aims to provideguidance services in </em>Muhadharah<em> order to increase the </em>self-confidence of <em>Karang Taruna members. This study used a quantitative experimental method with aDesign research design </em>One Group Pretest Posttest, <em>and for sampling the researcher used a </em>purposive sampling technique. <em>guidance </em>Muhadharah services are <em>provided to members of youth groups who are teenagers and have problems with </em><em>self-confidence</em> <em>. Based on the data obtained by the researcher, it shows that theguidance service is </em>MuhadharahOrganization <em>quite effective in increasing the </em><em>self-confidence</em> of the <em>members of the Youth. This is evidenced by the results of the </em>paired samples t-test <em>with the sig value. (2-tailed) of 0.000 less than 0.05, so it can be concluded</em><em> that there is an effect of the service provided on' </em><em>self-confidence</em> <em>members. Meanwhile, based on the results of thetest </em>Ngain<em>-,</em>Score<em> the average value of the control group was 72.60% with a minimum N-Gain Score of 61.70% and a maximum of 79.60%. So it can be concluded that theguidance service is </em>muhadharah <em>quite effective in increasing the</em> self-confidence of the <em>members of the Karang Taruna Jaga Jaga Karsa Joresan</em></p> 2022-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 LATIHAN BINA DIRI PADA SISWA TUNAGRAHITA DALAM MENINGKATKAN KEMANDIRIAN 2022-09-09T10:52:00+00:00 Aep Kusnawan Sitta Resmiati Muslimah Ajrina Amalia S. <p><em>This study was intended to determine the process and results of self-development exercises in increasing the independence of mentally retarded students. The object of the research is mentally retarded students at SLB BC YPLAB Wartawan, Bandung City. The research method used is a qualitative descriptive method in which to obtain information the researcher uses observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The results showed that self-development exercises at SLB BC YPLAB Journalists were effective. This happened thanks to a special schedule and made it a special mandatory program for mentally retarded students, the implementation also uses various methods, so that the results can increase the independence of mentally retarded students positively</em></p> 2022-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPHY 2022-09-09T11:08:44+00:00 Muhammad Rouf Mustofa Nurjannah <p><em>In its current development,&nbsp; the CBT approach Theory has its own distinctive characteristics dealing with clients issues especially in Indonesia with various studies already done. One theory after another also has its own signature. Not infrequently, a counseling theories is no exception to CBT. The criticism of CBT it self is expressed in the journel written by revelation t Nanda Eka Saputra&nbsp; and Santi Widiasari titled acceptance and commitment thrapy: the new wave of cognitive behavior therapy, Indonesia Journal of school counseling, research by longmore &amp; worrel, wich concludes that cognitive interventions. This study attemps to come up with a new theory or concept of CBT Islam with the weaknesses found in previous research. The journal review method is used by researchers to review some of the sources that discus historical, criticism, and the concept of improvement based on Islamic values</em></p> 2022-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 PEREMPUAN DAN KEKERASAN DALAM RUMAH TANGGA 2022-09-09T11:20:12+00:00 Ana Rochayati Nur Faisyah <p><em>The issue of the importance of addressing domestic violence (KDRT) in modern society is a form of liberation for women. Modern society is introduced to various perspectives and various interpretations of things that can help women to dare to come out of their domestic space. Women as victims of domestic violence cases are the result of various aspects in different dimensions. Starting from the negative stigma against the existence of women, the scope of which revolves around the domestic area to how religious texts are understood and the patriarchal culture that develops in the public sphere. This article aims to analyze how these things can trigger domestic violence experienced by women as victims. This article uses a feminist discourse analysis approach with qualitative research as a form of elaboration of religious literature. This study discusses three main problems. First, domestic violence against women as the result of patriarchal cultural discourse. Second, domestic violence in Islamic discourse. Third, the impact of domestic violence on women. This study seeks to emphasize that violence in any form in general, and domestic violence in particular, from an Islamic perspective cannot be justified</em></p> 2022-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 MENGATASI KESULITAN BELAJAR DENGAN MEMAHAMI GAYA BELAJAR 2022-09-09T11:28:24+00:00 Ahmad Sukartawan <p><em>In the educational process, each individual has their own learning style. Learning style can be said to be a person's tendency to adapt a certain learning strategy by searching and trying. This method differs from one student to another. An appropriate learning style is the key to success for a student in learning and overcoming learning difficulties in students. The focus of this research lies in how to overcome students' learning difficulties by knowing students' learning styles. In knowing learning styles, researchers used Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic (VAK) approaches, and Multiple Intelligence. The research used a descriptive qualitative approach. This research was conducted in a natural setting at MA Al-Ahsan Bareng Jombang. The data was taken by way of the researchers going directly to </em><em>MIN 2 Jembrana Bali. Data were collected through interviews, observing the teaching and learning process and other documentation that supports the data collection process. The main objective is to systematically describe the facts and characteristics of the object or subject being studied accurately. With the hope of being a contribution in the world of education. Especially related to overcoming student learning difficulties. In knowing student learning styles, teachers at MIN 2 Jembrana Bali do not use certain theories but combine several theories such and Multiple Intelligences (multiple intelligences). Teachers still use the old model of learning strategies and do not rely on students' learning styles. Al-Ahsan student learning difficulties because the learning process does not pay attention to learning styles. Based on the findings, the researchers suggest: (1) In order for the learning process to run effectively and be followed by students, teachers need to recognize student learning styles, (2) madrasas need to collaborate with other parties who have the ability to carry out assessments related to student learning styles, (3) Madrasahs need to equip teachers with practical knowledge and skills regarding student learning styles, and (4) Guidance Counseling (BK) teachers need to facilitate the introduction of students' learning styles</em></p> 2022-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 THE CONTRIBUTION OF CONSTRUCTIVIST GAMES (BLOCKS MEDIA) TO THE INCREASEMENT OF COGNITIVE ABILITIES 2022-09-09T11:33:31+00:00 Rahmatunisa Faisal Rachmat <p><em>This study used classroom action research. The aim of this study is to determine an increased ability of the children’s cognitive by playing blocks. The research subjects were children in group A &amp; B Age 3-6 Years old of RA. Nurul Amiin, in a total of 23 children consisting of 9 Girls and 14 boys. Researchers used the method of action class research with observation and documentation to collect data. Analysis of the data used in this research is the analysis of descriptive and qualitative.The results showed an increased ability of the students cognitive at 90% based on the evaluation of the results on the first cycle and second cycle. It can be concluded that the implementation of learning by utilizing blocks media to improve children's cognitive abilities can be implemented in the learning process</em></p> 2022-06-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022