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Journal of Islamic Education Management: Al-Munadzomah published by the Islamic Education Management study program, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Science, Bogor Ummul Quro Al-Islami Institute. This journal publishes articles of interest to education practitioners, teachers, education policy makers, and researchers. This journal includes research articles, original research reports, reviews of Islamic education in any field including: 1) Leadership, 2) Public Relations Management, 3) Organizational Behavior, 4) Organizational Culture, 5) Human Resource Management, 6) Financial Management, 7 ) Decision-making.

P-ISSN 2810-0891 E-ISSN 2810-0883  This journal is published periodically twice a year, every Mei and November

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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2024): AL-MUNADZOMAH
Published: 2024-05-29


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